Start up & Hitech

Start up & Hitech

Trusting our financial management services empowers you to grow your business.

As a startup, we understand that you need a committed financial team that covers all of the functions of a corporate finance department. Wherever you are in your startup lifecycle, we’re here to provide tailored and comprehensive financial solutions that precisely meet your needs. Leveraging our deep knowledge and expertise in the startup world, we meet your current and future needs.

  • CFO Services

    CFO Services

    We provide CEOs with sound financial advice that allows them to manage financial risk, growth, and opportunities that are driven by business activity. We help senior management realize the financial aspects of their objectives. We have a proven track record backed by experience with hundreds of clients over the years, M&As, exits and fundraisings, as well as our extensive professional network. Our work includes:

    • Budgeting and long term financial planning.
    • Business plans and financial modeling.
    • Managing financial due diligence.
    • Board meeting membership
    • Supporting fund raising process (i.e private/public/others)
    • Cash management & hedging.
    • Supporting legal and financial structures
  • Controllership & Accounting

    Controllership & Accounting

    Our controllers are highly experienced certified CPAs and Big 4 veterans, with proven corporate experience. They ensure your company complies with local and international accounting and tax regulations: Israeli GAAP, US GAAP and IFRS rules. We also monitor your budget and ensure financial transparency, eliminating “surprises”.
    Here are some of the tasks that our controllers perform:

    • Budget vs. actual (BVA) monthly and quarterly reports
    • Cash flow management and monitoring
    • Preparation of annual financial statements for auditors’ review (‘Big 4’ standard)
    • Managing financial and accounting of international subsidiaries
    • Israeli Innovation Authority and International Grants Financial Reporting
    • Managing company accounting and tax compliance on an ongoing basis
  • Bookkeeping & Payroll Processing

    Bookkeeping & Payroll Processing

    Our bookkeepers and payroll accountants are certified and have years of experience from leading company and CPA offices. They keep your company’s books up to date on an ongoing basis, make sure that employees get paid on time and ensure timely payment to Israeli tax and social security authorities. We believe that a strong bookkeeping team is an essential foundation of strong financial management.
    Here are some of the roles of our bookkeepers and payroll accountants.

    • Ensuring timely, and discreet payroll processing according to Israeli labor law.
    • On time reporting to social security and payroll taxes and social benefits.
    • Annual mandatory payroll reports
    • Managing all financial reporting, compliance aspects, and ongoing professional support of payroll-related issues.
    • Managing company’s records in dual currencies (NIS and USD) on an ongoing basis.
    • Reporting to VAT and Israeli tax authorities in a timely and accurate manner.